The 6th Quantum Science (QS) symposium

The 6th Quantum Science (QS) symposium
-The Main Symposium of ICCMSE 2020
-Computational Chemistry and Computational Physics
29 April – 3 May
Galaxy Hotel, Crete, GREECE

Urgent Information

Quantum Science (QS) symposium will be VIRTUALLY held, due to the effect of coronavirus. It implies that all presentations are certified to be performed with registration and abstract. Please note that all lectures in Galaxy Hotel have been cancelled. AIP conference proceedings will be published as scheduled.


From Chair, Dr. Taku Onishi
In previous Computational Chemistry (CC) symposium (2015-2019), interdisciplinary discussion was performed between different research fields such as computational chemistry, computational physics, theoretical physics and related experiment. In ICCMSE 2020, the title of 6th symposium is hence renewed as Quantum Science (QS) for further progress. The world class research will be presented by active chemists, physicists and biologists related to quantum science. The purpose of QS symposium is to offer an opportunity to build scientific friendship and international network through interdisciplinary discussion. As the tradition of ICCMSE, we are considering that the cooperation of emeritus professors is indispensable and very important. We look forward to welcoming you in Crete.

•Computational Chemistry, Computational Physics, Theoretical Physics
•Experimental research related to Quantum Science:
Materials Science; Biological Science; Chemical Reaction
•Computational Method Development in Chemistry, Physics and Engineering

AIP conference proceedings will be published as usual