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International Conference of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering

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Guidelines for submission of full papers

of ICCMSE 2006



Please send your full paper to tsimos@mail.ariadne-t.gr and cc to tsimos.conf@gmail.com with a subject: Full Paper ICCMSE 2006



Select the journal. The journals can be found at: http://www.iccmse.org/proceeding.htm 


Please also send a list of 8 possible reviewers with full mailing and e-mailing addresses. From this list we will choose 1 reviewer and the other 2 will be chosen by our database.



Submission period: 08/11/06 - 28/02/07






Final Program of ICCMSE 2006


Transportation to the Hotel


The weather in Crete and Chania is back to normal now. There are no problems at Chania. The prediction for the next week is very good. For more information, please see at: http://www.hnms.gr/


Due to numerous requests we have created the Late Call for Papers in which the deadline for submissions of extended abstracts is extended to the 10th of  October 2006.

If we have selected (after international peer review) more than 20 papers, then an additional Volume for the Proceedings of ICCMSE 2006 will be published.  

This Volume will be published AFTER the Conference as a part of the Lecture Series on Computer and Computational Sciences (LSCCS - VSP/Brill) (see http://www.brill.nl/lscs)

Procedure to send a paper for Late Call:


1. You must send (to tsimos@mail.ariadne-t.gr and a cc to iccmse@uop.gr) (a) a half of A4 page (1/2  A4 page) abstract and (b) a short paper of 3-4 A4 pages. These submissions will be reviewed and after acceptance will be published in the special Volume of LSCCS mentioned above. In this case you can participate in ICCMSE 2006.


2. You can send (to the above e-mail addresses or to Conference desk) the camera ready form of your accepted short paper.


3. The additional Volume will be published until the end of the year.


If you have any questions, please ask the Secretary of ICCMSE to: tsimos@mail.ariadne-t.gr





for the participants who

have sent their paper

for review to Prof. T.E. Simos:


Please send the source files

of your accepted papers to:





Attention for the participants of Developing Countries


Please proceed with the payment of the fees. We have decided to not include any paper from developing countries if until 17/8/06 we haven't received: (1) Bank Slip of the Bank Transfer or (2) Registration form for credit cards.

We note that we have return fund policy. If a paper will not be accepted for presentation/publication in ICCMSE 2006, then we immediately return the fees.

This announcement will take place since the period between acceptance of the papers and submission to the publisher is VERY SHORT.


Due to numerous requests the deadline for submissions is extended to the 31th of July 2006

5th of August 2006 (New Date)


New Dates


Notification of acceptance: August 16, 2006

Late Registration: August 16, 2006

Submission of the source files of the camera ready extended abstracts to VSP/Brill: 20 August, 2006 - Final Date


Important Announcements

The Organizers are happy to announce that the Proceedings of the ICCMSE  (Volumes 1 and 3-4 up to now) published in the Lecture Series on Computer and Computational Sciences (LSCCS) are now included in the ISI Proceedings (Web of Knowledge)


ICCMSE 2006 is a sponsored

by the American Chemical Society (ACS)


New Final Dates for ICCMSE

Due to a big number of requests

the new dates for ICCMSE are:


Late Registration ends (i.e. fees paid and a Bank Slip is arrived in the fax (++ 30210 94 20 091, ++ 30 2710 237 397)

of Secretary of ICCMSE or a Visa-Master-American Express Card has been charged): August 5, 2006

Submission of Extended Abstract: July 25, 2006 - Final Date

Notification of acceptance: August 2, 2006

The dates of submission the material to VSP/Brill remains the same


Leaflet of ICCMSE 2006

Sessions and Symposia of ICCMSE 2006

Invited Speakers

Hotel Reservation Form

Registration fees via credit cards:

Registration form for credit cards


Low Price Accommodation is available for students etc.

For more information please communicate with

ICCMSE Tourist Agency at: aatours@otenet.gr







Best Young Scientist Paper Awards for ICCMSE 2005

Marcel Swart, L. Jensen and George Rollmann




Special Lecture

Rudolph A. Marcus

Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1992

Arthur Amos Noyes Professor of Chemistry

 (California Institute of Technology)



Highlighted Lectures:

A.D. Buckingham, University of Cambridge, UK

Björn O. Roos, University of Lund, Sweden
Werner Kutzelnigg, University of Bochum, Germany



Highlighted Symposium

 Electron correlation for the whole periodic table
A theoretical chemistry Symposium in honour of Björn Roos

Organizer: Laura Gagliardi, Department of Physical Chemistry,

Sciences II University of Geneva, 30,

Quai Ernest Ansermet, CH-1211 Geneva, Switzerland.

E-mail address: Laura.Gagliardi@chiphy.unige.ch

Program of the Symposium


List of Speakers: Rudy Marcus Caltech, USA, K. Hirao, Tokyo, Japan, Peter Taylor Warwick, UK, Cristina Puzzarini Bologna, Italy, Ju-nja Hasegawa Kyoto, Japan, Kristine Pierloot Leuven, Belgium, Margareta Bloomberg Stockholm, Sweden, Marco Garavelli Bologna, Italy, Spiridula Matzika Temple, USA, Roland Lindh Lund, Sweden, Ursula Rothlisberger Lausanne, Switzerland, Michael Heaven  Atlanta Emory, USA, Valérie Vallet  Lille, France, Pekka Pyykkö Helsinki, Finland, Luis Serrano Valencia, Spain, Christel Marian Dusseldorf, Germany, Luis Seijo Madrid, Spain, Gernot Frenking  Marbourg, Germany, Chantal Daniel Strasbourgh, France, Jennifer Green Oxford, UK, Mike Hall Texas A&M, USA, Odile Eisenstein Montpellier, France, Trygve Helgaker Oslo, Norway, Tomasz Wesolowski Geneva, Switzerland, Antonio Rizzo Pisa, Italy, Jeppe Olsen Aarhus, Denmark, Fritz Schaefer  Athens, USA



Invited Speakers

Tadeusz Bancewicz(Poland),  Sylvio Canuto(Brazil),  Minhaeng Cho(Korea), James R. Chelikowsky(USA), C. Cramer(USA), M. Heaven(USA), Hans Herrmann(Germany), A. Hinchliffe(UK), K. Hirao(Japan), K.A. Jackson(USA), P. Jørgensen(Denmark), Ilya Kaplan(Mexico), B.Ladanyi (USA), J. Leszczynski(USA), Paul G. Mezey(Canada), M. Nakano(Japan), P. Pyykkö(Finland), J. Sauer(Germany), H.F. Schaefer(USA), N.S. Scott(UK), M. Urban(Slovakia), K. Yamaguchi(Japan)



Best Student Paper Award(s)

During the Conference Award(s) will be given to the

Best Student Paper(s)


Subject Areas


Computational Mathematics
Computational Medicinal Chemistry
Computational Chemistry
Computational Physics
Computational Engineering

Candidates are young scientists: Graduate students

(or with a recently completed PhD thesis )

The interested young scientists must


(1) Send their extended abstract for peer review

(2) Express their interest for the participation in the competition

(This must be done at the (1) stage)

(3) Present their paper in ICCMSE.





(Hotel Panorama, Chania, Crete, Greece , 27 October - 1 November 2006)


The aim of ICCMSE 2006 is to bring together computational
scientists and engineers from several disciplines in order to share methods, methologies and ideas.

Under the Auspices of

bullet European Society of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering (ESCMSE)

Dates of Importance

bulletDates for Registration  
bullet Notification of acceptance
bullet Submission of full papers. more ...

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